How to keep his good resolution to start weight training for the new year?

Who says new year says good resolutions, such as starting bodybuilding, but also says great risk of becoming discouraged and stopping after a few weeks. Yet it is easy to take advantage of this good dose of motivation to start bodybuilding and not have to redo this resolution on January 1 of l ‘Next year. Here are several strategies to apply.

Define progressive goals and steps to achieve them

This method is already mentioned in my free guide “10 tips to start bodybuilding and vegetarianism”. It is very simple to implement but too often neglected. In our extremely competitive society, we aim for ever greater goals, which is disheartening for most of us when we realize the real work to be done.

In addition, these oversized goals are formulated without any plan of progression. After a period of getting back into shape (2 to 3 weeks) and physical tests adapted to your profile, define a goal to be reached in 6 months, and steps to be taken each month.


Franck begins weight training with loads. After 2 to 3 weeks of fitness, he performs a bench press test, the maximum of repetitions with 30kg. Franck does 10 repetitions. He sets himself the goal of achieving the same number of repetitions with a bar loaded at 50 kilos in 6 months (progress is faster as a beginner).

He will therefore plan his goal with intermediate steps:

  • Step A: in 1 month, target 10 reps at 34 kg
  • Step B: in 2 months, target 10 repetitions at 38 kg
  • Step C: in 3 months, target 10 reps at 42 kg
  • Step D: in 4 months, target 10 reps at 46 kg
  • Step E: in 5 months, target 10 repetitions at 50 kg
  • Stage F: verdict with test on a bar loaded at 55 kg

With this rather simple but straightforward progression logic, you are more likely to avoid getting discouraged. Strength training allows the release of endorphins that will cause an addictive feeling of happiness. This positive addiction will make you want to train again.

Find a training partner

This is also a great way to not get discouraged. On the day when you really don’t feel like training, your partner can give you back motivation, especially if you are dependent on each other for exercise (if your sessions contain exercises or assistance is needed, such as bench press or squat).

But beware, having a partner also has its drawbacks. Indeed, the day he is bedridden with a big flu, you will not be able to do what you had planned, or with a lower load to avoid the accident or possibly by asking a member if you are train indoors.

In addition, you have to find a partner who has roughly the same goals and the same profile as you (if you are starting out and doing your session with Mr Universe, your real training will not be to push your bars to 30 but to load his to 150…).

Adapt weight training to your lifestyle and not the other way around

To continually want to go to train, you have to make weight training match your schedule. If you do the opposite, you risk making weight training a constraint . For example, do not change (as much as possible) your meal times to do your training. Optionally add a snack before if your midday meal is too far away.

Likewise, try not to get up earlier to do your workout but to include it in the day by having free time. Less TV. A good workout does not last 2 hours with 20 sms and Facebook breaks. A good workout lasts 1h, 1h30 maximum if you stay focused, that you respect your rest times and that the loads are not too low.

Likewise, to get started, focus on the most effective and complete exercises, with a method like bodyweight training which is well suited to the beginner.

Define specific training days

Another important point. To create a lasting habit, your schedule must not be anarchic but a minimum framed. You will be more likely to keep this habit if you have decided to set days that correspond to training.


  • Monday: Lower body (Legs)
  • Tuesday: Upper body (Torso + Back)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Lower body (Legs)
  • Friday: Upper body (Torso + Back)
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

Make a public commitment

Here is a very effective but little known method. Log on to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all the social networks where you know a lot of people, make an announcement about your commitments and publish it. It doesn’t sound like that, but making a commitment in a public way will greatly increase the chances that you will not give up, as it will create positive social pressure.

We hate making an announcement that we won’t be able to keep, because we don’t necessarily like being judged negatively and admitting failure.

If you follow my articles, you could see that I challenged myself to increase my physical performance and my muscle mass for a year with a vegetarian diet, then vegan. Just because I wrote, published, and shared it gave me greater motivation than if I had made this promise to myself. Try this method, make an announcement of your goals, neither too simple nor too difficult to achieve, and you will see that your determination will be increased tenfold.

Here are 4 tips that will help you greatly increase the chances of sticking to this good resolution. Keep in mind that the best way not to give up is to have fun working out every day. If you don’t like traditional bodybuilding, there are plenty of variations that you might like, such as bodyweight training, street workout, crossfit … There is no miracle method.

If one day you really have no motivation, remember why you made this choice and what goals you set for yourself. Remember it’s a fight against yourself, to become a better person.

You can find other tips for starting bodybuilding in my free guide “10 tips for starting bodybuilding and vegetarianism – veganism” located at the bottom of the ‘article. Train with the heart, eat with the heart.

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