The power of sport and a natural lifestyle for good health

For the entire population, being in good health is a necessary condition for getting the most out of life. And for over two centuries, enormous progress has been made in medicine, allowing in particular to extend the duration and improve the quality of life. However, there are still many other areas that can be optimized. Indeed, part of the population lives in a sedentary lifestyle due to a lack of physical activity.

In addition, over the past few decades, the industrial and chemical lifestyle has taken on more and more space, gradually degrading health. Sport and the natural lifestyle are two ways to get and stay fit.

Who would dare to say today that sport has no positive impact on physical health? Sport helps strengthen tendons, joints, and increase muscle mass, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lose fat, increase lung capacity, longevity, immunity …

This is quite simply one of the most direct ways to be healthier.

Unfortunately, we have come to such a degree of evolution that sport is no longer a necessity that allows one to live longer but a constraint that makes it possible to avoid dying too soon. A deep paradox sets in between the time of our ancestors who had to struggle by being agile and fast to survive in the face of competition and our current civilization where most of us struggle between the choice of delivery to home and travel to a shop located 150m away.

Sport is coded in our genes and the body is a formidable tool with exceptional capacities. Our muscles, our heart, and all of our organs recognize movement and energy expenditure. When you play sports, they thank you, because being active makes them stronger and more resistant against disease and debility.

Mental health

But sport not only has a beneficial effect on physical but also mental health. Sport will cause the secretion of several hormones including adrenaline, endorphin, serotonin and dopamine. Each will have different virtues, but we can remember that they will help fight stress, anxiety and depression and will improve the quality of sleep, self-confidence and mood.

Sport is a powerful natural anti-stress reliever, which allows you to face life’s difficulties more calmly and to be positive.

A natural lifestyle helps prevent illness and fight against stress

What do we mean by a natural lifestyle? There is no definition to speak of but it is common sense, a simpler way of life.

For example, by eating with the minimum possible of processed and industrial products that come out of the traditional circuit. Too rich in salt, sugars, bad fats, preservatives, pesticides, they have dangerous repercussions on health (obesity, diabetes, cancer, infertility, etc.).

The solution is to prioritize as much as possible raw products and if possible from organic farming, having undergone no processing, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and not applesauce in trays.

We can also limit our relationship with technology, by reducing as much as possible exposure to wifi, bluetooth, microwave oven, cell phone … Putting your laptop in airplane mode when you sleep, heating your plates in a pan instead of in the microwave are extremely simple tips.

Several studies show that waves of all kinds increase the risk of cancer with daily exposure.

Natural awakening is also a good way to reframe your body clock, it will allow to rebalance the levels of cortisol and melatonin, the two hormones which intervene in the phases of awakening and falling asleep. By waking up this way, you will be less stressed, you will gain in concentration and you will decrease the risk of gaining weight due to hormonal imbalance.

Finally, you can also add touches of nature in your daily life. Just having a few plants for decoration, otherwise known as “biophilic design” can reduce stress and have a positive effect on well-being.

I had already spoken about it in an article, but if you have the possibility of practice your sport in a natural environment , the soothing generated by the greenery will increase your nervous recovery and therefore your athletic performance. Here is a video available on the TreeningLife Youtube channel on the benefits of training in a natural environment:

Nature is a source of serenity and many therapies use its regenerative power to calm tensions and find a good psychological and bodily balance.

Getting healthier can be done in different ways. Sport and the natural lifestyle are two possibilities among many, the important thing being to always bring a minimum of nature into your life. Of course, we live in a time where it is less obvious, urbanization and technological evolution tend to gradually move us away from our original natural instincts.

But it’s just a few daily actions, a few replacements, and you significantly improve your health in the short, medium and long term. If this article helped you understand the link between sport, natural lifestyle and health, share the !

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