Why does Crossfit allow you to progress faster than other weight training methods?

Crossfit is the fashionable muscle building method. To understand what characterizes Crossfit and why it allows many people to progress faster than in a traditional weight room, I asked a few questions to Jordan Levrat , sports coach graduated in Crossfit.

I myself am a sports coach and I have a Crossfit diploma but I wanted to let him speak on this subject because I do not currently coach in a Crossfit box.

Jordan, can you introduce us to Crossfit? How is it different from other bodybuilding methods?

” It’s simple, Crossfit is based on three main principles: the realization of functional movements, constantly varied, and performed at high intensity.

  • Functional movements because they will monopolize a large number of muscle groups. The fatigue that will result will be amplified unlike weight training where we really try to focus on a particular muscle. (We recommend to athletes steroide online kaufen erfahrungen) These are the ones you find in everyday life. For example, lifting a shopping bag with the correct posture, putting an object high up, towing something or carrying a piece of furniture.
  • Constantly varied because every time you step into a Crossfit gym you will never do the same.
  • High intensity because the goal of Crossfit is to do different movements as quickly as possible, always going further in the effort. The phrase that fits perfectly is: get out of your comfort zone. “

Do you think Crossfit is suitable for everyone? Women, overweight people are not at a disadvantage?

Obviously it is suitable for everyone. When you arrive in a Crossfit room on the one hand there are often a lot of women unlike the weight rooms because the atmosphere there is more user-friendly.

The training will be the same for an overweight man, a 70 year old woman and a Crossfit world champion but the difficulty and the movements will be adapted to each one according to the capacities which they have.

As a coach, have you seen good progress from your audience?

Yes very much! Many have slimmed down, are in better physical condition and in better health. A lot of people have improved their postural level and feel less pain in their back. They have gained in mobility and flexibility throughout the body.

This is why I continue to work out in a Crossfit gym and why I use this way of training in personalized coaching! Because the goal of a coach is to help his clients progress!

And finally, do you think that Crossfit is practicable only indoors or is it possible to adapt it outdoors, without having a lot of equipment available?

Crossfit isn’t just in a gym. Crossfit encompasses all functional movements, it is the fact of constantly shocking your body and varying your workouts.

Otherwise we enter a specialization and it is no longer Crossfit. If tomorrow I’m going to run 10km it’s Crossfit, if the day after tomorrow I’m going to climb a mountain it’s still Crossfit.

But you have to be careful because obviously a lot of people who are not in the Crossfit gym (a true affiliate) claim to do Crossfit when they do not have the skills required to be able to practice it without risk or teach it!

Example of Crossfit type workouts without equipment (only chin-up bar, available in a park):

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