Salvia Nutrition Phytostart test: maximum energy and accelerated recovery

A few weeks ago, Salvia Nutrition suggested that I try their product specific to sports, the Phytostart . It is about an organic and vegan food supplement, based on Guarana and Ginseng (mainly), which is supposed to help increase performance, energy, and facilitate recovery after exercise.

Having become vegan for a few months following the start of my challenge , I think my body is still in the adaptation phase, this which explains the drops in diet that I sometimes have during the day or after bodybuilding sessions (I also have not very good quality sleep).

So I agreed to test the Phytostart , and the promises were kept!

Energy throughout the day

I have not changed my diet during this period and so much the better, because it has allowed me to feel the difference. I think it is necessary not to change your diet when you want to try a dietary supplement, the possible benefits may be related to this change in diet and not with the product.

The cure lasted about a month. I started for a week on the start program (6 capsules per day) and then continued on the maintenance program (3 capsules per day).

I started to feel the effects on my form well after 4 to 5 days. I had less difficulty during training, and I had a lot more tone and vitality throughout the day. I didn’t have those energy dips I used to have.

So this is a very important point, because I could give myself completely during the sessions! Also, there were times when I had a slump after training and this feeling was completely gone. Ginseng is an extremely effective herb against fatigue. Acerola is also found in Phytostart, which will fulfill the same role (rich in vitamin C).

I really had the feeling that I had more energy, and especially in a diffuse way throughout the day. In addition, the action of ginseng combined with that of Guarana will have positive effects on the nervous system, being itself enormously taxed in bodybuilding (Abnehmen tabletten).

Good bye body aches

Before starting the treatment, I knew that I was coming in a month or so that I was going to change my workouts, it was planned in my schedule. I switched to more energy-intensive sessions, with a more important cardio base, and a higher training volume during the week (6 sessions per week compared to 5 previously).

Personally, I have always had great aches in the hamstrings (the muscles at the back of the thighs) and more moderately in the quadriceps for 3 or 4 days after a session focused on the legs . Besides, I know that I am not the only one in this case (the squat often wreaks havoc…).

It was therefore a real good opportunity for me to see what the Phytostart gives on aches. If I have always had aches squat and go for a month with more squats, I think I’m in a good position to analyze its effects!

And the Phytostart really helped me there, that’s where I felt the biggest change. I went from 3 to 4 days of muscle aches to 1 or 2 days, with much weaker aches, almost non-existent after 2 weeks of treatment. For the rest of the body, I never have any real aches so I couldn’t see a difference but in the legs it was really day and night.

As a result, I was able to increase my training loads more quickly because I could do a second session in the week dedicated to the same muscle group without muscle soreness. So this is a real advantage for people who want to increase their performance or simply reduce their muscle soreness after exercise!

And as explained in the previous part, the composition of Phytostart promotes much better nervous recovery, a real virtuous circle for bodybuilding.

Better healing

From time to time, I end my session with scratched hands, it happens when I work on the horizontal bar (pull-ups, muscle up …). I also used to have to wait about a week to be able to return to the bar again, while the skin on my palms healed.

Ça did not fail, I opened my palms during the treatment of Phytostart . However, I noticed that after only 2 days, the abrasions were partly gone. So I inquired about whether the product could play a role.

Indeed, it contains rose hip, which will have a targeted action on cell regeneration and will therefore accelerate healing. This is very useful more for people who practice for example gymnastics, street workout or Crossfit.

And after the treatment?

After this one month cure, I waited a few weeks to compare again, in order to push the test to the end. And I realized a return of fatigue about 2 weeks later, lighter than before but still present, which proves that the product had a real effect on my form.

In addition, the body aches also reappeared. Much less intensive as well, but I still feel a difference with the period of treatment where I hardly thought about it anymore.

So I agreed to promote Phytostart on my blog, being really satisfied with its effects. In addition, Salvia Nutrition only offers organic products and seeks to expand its vegan range (these ethical values ​​are very important to me). To get the Phytostart, you just have to click here .

If you are tired and would like to regain energy, feel a little sick or just want to be in better shape, the Phytostart can really help you. Be careful though , it is a food supplement. It is not a substitute for good nutrition.

In addition, I advise you not to take it continuously but to take cures occasionally. It can help you in the winter, during a phase of transition to vegetarianism / veganism or during a stressful personal period for example.

If you give it a try, don’t forget to give me your feedback in the comments, but I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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