My challenge – One year of bodybuilding while being vegan – part 3/7

I voluntarily decided to change the title: by becoming vegan after a month of my challenge over a year , c easier to call it (I started my challenge being a vegetarian and then I switched to veganism after a month). (For sports we recommend primobolan kaufen ) I will eventually do an additional month, to reach 13 months and which will give 12 months in all of bodybuilding with a vegan diet.

So I’m going to talk here about my 3rd and 4th month of bodybuilding with my new vegan diet. Not too bad.

I remind you that my goal is not to switch back to an omnivorous diet after a year, the title is simply the name given to my adventure of trying to increase my muscle mass and my physical performance for a year following my change of diet .

The plate

During these last two months, I understood by learning the importance of associations ( iron – vitamin C for example) and supplementation with vitamin B12 . I knew it was essential but study it in an article really helped me understand the why and how.

I also understood that to help me achieve my goals, I had to take pleasure in my plates, by eating burgers from time to time for example, but by making them if possible with healthy and nutritious foods.

So I continue to educate myself to gradually improve my diet so that it meets my lifestyle and my needs. During the past two months, I have had to face the terrifying Christmas season with its share of big family meals, as fat as they never end.

I dreaded all this a bit but I was lucky enough to be able to prepare meals with my friend who went vegan at the same time as me, so we went on several Vegan Christmas recipes.

In the end it was quite simple and frankly good, it’s a good surprise, especially since the dishes were rather high in protein. I realized that even for Christmas, unless you eat imitation meat, the vegan diet is generally less fat, more nutritious and balanced.


At the start of my challenge, I was working on ranges of 10 reps, then went down to 8 for the first two months. I further reduced my number of reps to achieve a format of 5 sets of 5 reps, in order to build my strength.

I was apprehensive about this period, because strength requires a lot of nervous energy, and therefore recovery and controlled eating. I am quite satisfied because I made good progress over the whole of the two months, feeling good in most of the sessions.

I could observe the glaring difference in energy between the last two and the first two months of my change of diet, where I had become ill and where I had the feeling of lack of energy for several weeks. I then made sure to increase my iron intake, and vitamin B12 may also have helped me recover better between strength sessions.

  • Session 1): Legs + Shoulders (Back squat + Handstand push up) + Circuit with Front squat and Burpees
  • Session 2): Back + Abs (Muscle up + Tight pull-ups + Toes to bar) + Cardio (5km run + tabata Sprint)
  • Session 3): Chest + Triceps (Bench press + Dips) + Circuit with Sit ups and 1-arm push-ups
  • Session 4): Back + Abs (Overhead squat + 1 arm pull-ups + Toes to bar) + Cardio (5km run)
  • Session 5): Backstroke + Technique (Deadlift + Push jerk and Overhead squat) + Circuit with Hang pull and Burpees
  • Session 6): Shoulders (Shoulder press + Push press + Handstand push up) + Circuit with Dips and Front squat

I had difficulty doing all of my outdoor sessions (session 2 and 4) with the cold and the Christmas time.

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