Why is sport practiced in a natural environment more effective than indoors?

Training indoors or training outdoors? Most practitioners will say that indoor training is much more productive due to the greater availability of equipment and the motivation generated by the community. In itself, regarding the material, this is not wrong. But you can definitely achieve very good performance, an athletic physique and train with motivated partners without going through a gym. In addition, training in a natural environment has considerable, unrecognized psychological and physiological benefits.

Harmonious physical development

Training in a natural setting is a great way to build muscle in a balanced and functional way. The lack of material becomes an advantage because you will have to use your creativity and get out of your comfort zone. The training sessions will have to be based on the use of the weight of the body and the environment (or material if possible) , and most exercises will allow you to develop a very high static and dynamic core strength.

Cladding is very interesting for someone who wants to stay in sport because it helps strengthen both superficial and deep muscles, reducing the risk of injury and long-term chronic pain. It is therefore essential to develop a good cladding capacity and bodyweight methods make it easier.


Also, outside of a room, you will need to concentrate on the essentials. Which means very few single joint exercises (isolation) and a lot of poly joint exercises. These are the functional movements that involve several joints (such as the squat for example), which will stimulate more muscles and therefore cause a higher anabolic response (better muscle gains). Isolation exercises are also important, but they shouldn’t be the majority of your exercise choices.

Of course, most poly joint bodyweight exercises are applicable in the gym, that is not the point. It’s just that they remain less practiced because there is always the notion of habit that comes into play (and a little ego) which pushes to use dumbbells or machines with the biggest possible load. (which is not bad in itself). We are only talking here about the utilitarian and functional aspect of working on bodyweight methods due to the smallest amount of material available in nature, and the obligation to create a session depending on the location. where we will be.

In nature, it is not man who creates the room, it is nature that expressed itself thus and it is up to the practitioner to adapt to the fruits of its creation.

An optimized nervous system

Nature has a positive effect on health in a comprehensive way (“health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist only of the absence of disease or infirmity Is the definition given by the WHO). Why do you think plants are found in doctors’ waiting rooms? For decoration? Yes but not only, it is much deeper than that.

Nature has a proven effect of reducing stress and anxiety and acts positively on our well-being. For decoration, We even invented a term for that, we will talk about biophilic design, which results in the addition of natural elements within real estate. The healing begins as soon as you cross the landing of the cabinet. In the working world, biophilic design is used to reduce the risk of burnout while increasing productivity.

Nature is calming because of the calm and serenity that can be found there. The urban environment requires a lot of concentration on each of the daily acts, you do not realize it but stroll in the city center at a rush hour and count the maddening amount of information to take into account for you. move. Man has lived in nature for millions of years and his evolution has been done in osmosis with it, it is therefore logical that vegetation inspires security and plays a vital role in maintaining health in its global definition.

So why not take full advantage of it? Training in a natural setting will significantly increase your concentration, reduce stress, improve your immune system and nervous recovery. (Recommended for athletes wachstumshormone kaufen apotheke) The nervous system is hugely recruited in bodybuilding and in all strength sports.


By carrying out your session surrounded by greenery, you will considerably increase its quality, better recover physically and mentally and therefore be able to progress more effectively than in a concrete environment. Of course, not everyone has a house with a garden and equipment available that can be used for training outdoors.

It is only a question of understanding the real benefits of nature on sports activity and enjoying them by training for example once or twice a week in an urban park ( it is now quite easily found in most cities) using body weight, environment or easily transportable equipment and training the rest of the week at home or in a gym. Or even more simply by favoring jogging on the edge of a forest rather than watching TV on a treadmill.

Even if you are a fan of the gym, the simple fact of doing your cardio in a natural space will allow better physiological recovery and will facilitate your progress within the club. To go further, you can now download my free guide ”5 tips to start bodybuilding” by clicking here .

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