The 5 best exercises to start weight training without equipment

There are thousands of exercises in bodybuilding, and it is often difficult when you start to make a choice.

However, starting out in bodybuilding is not that complicated, there are only two really important criteria: the exercises must be polyarticular (which monopolize several joints) and sufficiently varied to make the body work in its together (both torso, back and legs).

Whatever your goals (muscle mass gain, fat loss, fitness …), these 5 exercises will help you achieve them quickly


The squat is probably one of the most functional and useful exercises in weight training. It allows you to work all the muscles in your legs, glutes, lower back and abs. (athletes are encouraged to visit methenolon) Shapely and powerful legs, a rounded buttocks, strong lower back and a flat stomach.

But be careful, the squat is not an exercise reserved for women. It has been shown that the squat allows a high production of anabolic hormones and a high calorie expenditure which has an overall impact. In other words, squatting not only works your legs but also helps you gain muscle and lose fat throughout your body.


An exercise that is as difficult as it is effective for any beginner in bodybuilding. Traction works the entire back, as well as the biceps and forearms. This is the third fundamental exercise for the beginner. It is true that this is not really an exercise without equipment but the pull-up is practicable with equipment that you do not need to buy, many city parks offer apparatus with a pull-up bar for free access.

Our ancestors spent much more time in trees than we do, and human morphology is adapted to this practice. Pulling up is a completely natural movement, part of our genes and that is why pulling must be part of the range of exercises to be included in your program. For a beginner, it may be easier to do pull-ups using a rubber band that will take some of the weight off your body (see photo).


The core is another fundamental exercise, to strengthen the back and abs. Stand straight, with your head, back, buttocks and legs aligned.


The push-up, apart from being categorized as the sanctioning role in college, is an excellent exercise for working the entire torso (pecs, triceps, shoulders) as well as the abs . It is really the basis of the exercises to develop your chest, arms, and firm your upper body.

The bench press is often preferred for working the torso, but the push-up is still more interesting for a beginner because it involves a higher sheathing and it is based on a movement made for millions of years in a natural way: rise from a lying position face down on the floor.

Hand stand push up

The handstand push up is a handstand pump against a wall. Along with traction, it is part of two exercises that are quite demanding for the beginner because they require a minimum of force, but it generates very fast results.

It allows to work the shoulders as a whole, the triceps, the upper pectorals and to a lesser extent the abs with the sheathing due to the position in constant imbalance.

The handstand push up is therefore a good exercise to place in a beginner’s routine. Different variants exist to make it more accessible, such as not placing your feet against a wall but on a lower support (see photo).

These 5 exercises are of course not the only ones that exist for beginners without equipment, but they are a minimum and target each part of the body in a balanced way.

When starting weight training, you must immediately take good bearings and avoid starting exercises requiring a more advanced technique or having no functional interest .

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